A little bit of Chanel

Today I wore a new Zara tee. Your remember my thing with navy stuff,
well I think my obsession is getting bigger, now with this cute almost navy tee. So simple
but I love it!.
Here with Chanel necklace and brooch.
And in the botton this Miu Miu flats very comfy.



A photo to remember...

Palais de Luxemburg, Paris 2006 and a very cool fall.


Christmas shopping II :)

A cute second hand watch for wear it as a pendant with ...
Un lindo reloj usado para hacer un colgante con...

... this little Prada bear.
... este osito Prada.

A gorgeous Lanvin pearls bracelet,
Un brazalete hermoso de perlas de Lanvin,

Unos sneakers de Lanvin. La combinaciòn rosado y gris me encantò.
A pair of Lanvin pink and grey sneakers, amazing.

Un collar/cucharilla.
A tea spoon necklace.

Y una t-shirt de Sonya Rykel.
And a Sonya Rykel tee.

c'est fini!


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